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The Pledge of Love

By Jason R. Doll

Today, with the Spring in the air, my wife, Amy, and I were out shopping for flowers. As we walked up and down isles of an ensemble of bright color flowers, I noticed an elderly couple shuffling along the row next to us. As the couple moved forward, I observed the husband helping his aged wife along. It was apparent the wife had a hard time moving quickly or seeing too far in front. With loving and tender care, her husband held her arm escorting her and guiding her along. As they talked, laughter filled the air as if they were recalling old times. It was clear that the aged husband loved his wife and his service of helping her around was something he took honor in doing.

As I watched looking over various plants and flowers, I was taken back at how much we take others for granted. Too often, we live in the now, focusing on our needs and our desires. Yet, here in front of me, was a perfect example of love. The love of service – the love Jesus talked to His disciples about.

The first thought I had was of Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” As a husband, I am called to serve my wife with love, respect and honor. It is easy to argue about the fact that I am right about something as petty as a small incident. Although I might be right, is it worth making her feel small about the fact that I am correct. Or is it better, to love her when something so minor that will never affect our lives? My marriage is not just about me, it is about us. My wife, myself and God. I should be a living example of love, respect and service. As a man and husband, I realize that I must become a servant to my wife.

As a husband, I should love and respect my wife, but to even go beyond that, Jesus tells us in Matthew 23:11 to serve one another. “But the greatest among you shall be your servant.” Many people thing of being a ‘servant’ to their spouse would cringe, saying something along the lines of “Why should I have to serve him/her? What has she/he done for me that I should have to lower myself to do something like that all the time?” The fact is, we are told we should be there to serve our spouse, to serve others with love in all their needs. In John 13: 1-7, Jesus washes his disciples feet. He, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Son of God, gets on His hands and feet and washes the feet of His disciples. In these days, this was a very humbling act. Jesus’ message was about serving others – about loving and putting others before yourself. Even if our spouse does not ‘deserve’ to be treated as such, we must stop and think that we did not deserve the mercy God gave us by sending His only Son to die upon the cross for our sins. In the same since, it is not about whether they deserve our mercy, love and care, it is about doing it because we are commanded to, because we promised to when we took those vows.

As husbands and wives, as children of God, we are called to love, respect and serve one another before we serve ourselves. We are called to serve others. To bring a glass of water when we know he is thirsty, to draw a bubble bath for her when she has had a long day, to do the dishes so your loved one can rest, to sweep the floor before they get home, or to help her along an isle when she cannot see or move quickly because age has set in.

As a husband or wife, we should want to care for our spouse before our own needs. We should want to help him or her, being there for them when they need us – just like the older couple I saw today. We should always have unconditional love. We should always be willing to show our love – Jesus’ love – Love – it is ours to give through our actions.

Copyright © Jason Doll Ministries

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