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Achieving Your Purpose

By Jason Doll

Imagine tomorrow you wake up and go to your kitchen to make breakfast. You sit down at the table and open up the newspaper, and there on the front page is your own obituary. There, in black and white, is your name.

Imagine sitting in your chair reading your own obituary! What would it read? What would it have to say about how you lived your life? Would it have positive things to say? What would it say about all the things you did with your life? Would you be proud of what was written, or would you wish you could have done more in your life?

That is exactly what happened to Alfred Nobel on April 13, 1888. Mr. Nobel woke up to a most unpleasant discovery on the front page of the morning paper. As he looked at the newspaper, he came face to face with an article reporting his own death. Because of a misunderstanding, the local newspaper thought Mr. Nobel had passed away. Nevertheless, because of it Mr. Nobel got a glimpse of what people thought of his life.

As Mr. Nobel read his obituary, he didn't like what he saw. Horrified by the depiction of his life, Noble decided to redeem his name. One of the things Mr. Nobel did was create the Nobel Peace Prize in order to help recognize others for their outstanding accomplishments. Today, Alfred Nobel is not remembered for his past negative conduct, but rather for all he did to help others in an extraordinary way.

Now, imagine it was you who opened the newspaper and read your obituary. What would your obituary say if you were to die today? How would your family and friends sum up your entire life?

What would your legacy be?

Would people remember your passion, your zeal, and love for others?

Or, would they remember your negative attitude, your short temper, your sharp tongue?

What have you done with your life?

What are you doing with your life right now?

How are you impacting the world?

These are tough, in-your-face questions. But, they are questions that sooner or later will be asked. How will your obituary read? The good news is, you can write your own obituary. If you are alive, you have a purpose! How will you write it?

Our time in life is limited, we need to make the most of it and don’t waste it trying to live someone else’s life.

Think of it like this, a chicken is no eagle.

Chickens are always looking down, pecking around on the ground eating whatever they can find. They aren’t the cutest birds and can be messy. They can barely fly five feet off the ground. When they’re out of feed, they peck at the dirt for bugs.

Eagles on the other hand are always looking up into the sky, setting towered in the highest places. They live in tree tops and on mountain peaks. They cruise above the clouds, soaring through the air like royalty.

Unlike the eagle who can soar up to a height of 10,000 feet, chickens can barely get off the ground. Eagles roam freely, while chickens live in coops.

When the eagle spreads his wings, he is nearly ten feet long and it soars high above the mountains and can see two to three miles away. The eagle soars at heights where other birds are not able to breathe. The eagle operates at the highest level, soaring high.

Soaring is defined as: to rise high in the air and increase rapidly above the usual level.

Just like the eagle, we are not created to live in chicken coops. We need to build this mentality to achieve our God given destiny. We were made for greater things than pecking around at the ground. You were made to soar higher to greater heights.

You were born to fly. You were made to soar.

You were not made to huddled together in the barnyard and become content with pecking at the dirt and bugs.

Picture yourself soaring over the horizon, rising above the mountains. The winds beneath your wings, rising onto greater heights of 10,000 feet.

Your future is highly dependent on your ability to rise up and soar. It is excelling and giving your best at all you do. Soaring like an eagle means we live above our difficulties. It means living in victory over defeat and discouragement. Are you soaring?

Helen Keller once said, “One can never consent to creep when he feels an impulse to soar.”

Right now, there maybe people telling you to stop looking up, to stop trying to get out of the chicken coop and just keep doing your same old thing over and over again. But you are called you to more. Set yourself free so you can fly.

You do have a choice. The choice is yours. You can listen to the chickens, stay grounded and keep doing what you have been doing without attaining your desires, or you can rise up, jump, and soar like the eagle.

If you allow the chickens to convince you that you can’t fly, you will never fly. If you surround yourself with chickens, you will begin to believe you are a chicken. You were born to dominate your future.

The surest way to lose yourself and your passion is listening to other people’s voices instead of your own. The power to live with purpose isn’t in their life but it’s in yours. Don’t let the chickens in your life convince you that you are not an eagle. Don’t let them keep you in the coop. You’re not a chicken.

You were created for a life of excellence – not a life of mediocrity. What is wonderful is that you´re equipped with everything you need to make that life yours. You can reach your goals. You can live your dreams. You already have what it takes right inside of you. So, what are you going to do?

Your time is now. Embrace it and make every minute count. You are called to rise up and achieve your dreams, achieve your goals, achieve your purpose. It’s your time to rise up and live with zeal, passion, and joy.

Let me ask you a very simple question: What is your Passion, Purpose, and Reason in life?

Copy write - JD Ministries

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