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You were created for a lifestyle of excellence… not a life of mediocrity. We are called to achieve excellence in all aspects of our life. The pursuit of excellence starts with a choice. It is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career, family, faith, education and daily living. This unique book, Be Like Rowan, will help readers understand and develop a new framework for achieving excellence in all areas of their life. Using the story, a Message to Garcia, written in 1899, readers will find principles to begin living the lifestyle of excellence. You will come to embrace your full potential and discover something greater within. Qualities that produce action-stimulating, goal-attaining, life-changing, people-oriented, profit-maximizing potentials. In this book, Jason Doll encourages readers rise over mediocrity and achieve a life of excellence in any endeavor. As you read, you will be encouraged and discover principles which will empower you to address the proper nurturing needed in our Minds, Bodies, and Spirits in order to reach beyond mediocrity and live extraordinary lives. A small, an easy read, this book is useful because it contains questions for reflection, lessons, and quotes that can be referred to for inspiration and evaluation. Without question, this is a must-have book for homes, businesses, schools, churches and our world today. Get prepared to take your performance, business, and personal life to a level you never thought you would reach!

Be Like Rowan

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